Rotary Tech is a DirtHuts exclusive 1.7.10 pack by long-term DirtHutter lAimBotl. It includes nearly all of Reika's mods and is focused around RotaryCraft and ChromatiCraft. A few select recipes were changed to implement progression into the core mods and to provide a fresh playing experience. Other mods worth mentioning are Progressive Automation, Spice of Life, ReactorCraft and some old classics like Immersive Engineering, EnderIO, Thermal Expansion and Draconic Evolution. This thread explains the early game progression and gives some hints and tutorials to some of the core mods you might be unfamiliar with. If you come across any issues, feel free to create an issue on the github posted in that thread or message me ingame or on discord.

The pack is available through the technic launcher: Click me

Version: 5.51

map date: 11th November 2017

Disabled items

  • Mekanism DigiMiner
  • All chunk loaders apart from personal anchors
  • -to be continued-


  • Vanilla world-generation
  • Worldborder 10k radius
  • Pregenerated
  • Mining dimension: Aroma's Mining Dimension and the Deep Dark (No quarrying in the overworld!)
  • Spawn area is a small-ish island with ocean up north and a river all around. Please do not mine/chop/build on said island


  • No access to /home, use '/pwarp <name> set'. Currently there are 10 warps available, this will most likely be adjusted down in the near future
  • Claiming is done via the MyTown2 mod, use '/town help'

NOTE: Beware of creepers and other exploding mobs, your town will not protect you against those.